** 24ga Balanced Microphone Audio Cable 500' Spool, Rapco ProCo Wire, USA Made

** 24ga Balanced Microphone Audio Cable 500' Spool, Rapco ProCo Wire, USA Made

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(One) Brand New Genuine Rapco Horizon ProCo 500' Spool of American Made 24 Gauge Balanced Microphone Cable

This item Ships The Next Business Day Direct From Either Rapco's Facitlity in Jackson Missouri (Southeast Missouri) Our From There Texas Facility.  They Will Ship From Whichever Plant Gets You Your Product The Quickest.  Transit Times Vary From 1-5 Business Days, Depending On Your Location With Respect To The Origin Shipment.

Wire Specifications

1. Conductor 

   1.1 AWG Size and Stranding: 24 AWG 16 strands 36 AWG 1.2 Material: Bare annealed copper

2. Insulation 

   2.1 Material: Polypropylene 2.2 Wall Thickness: .013" nominal 2.3 Diameter: .050" +/- .002"

3. Color Code 

   3.1 Code: Blue paired with red

4. Assembly

   4.1 Lay Length: 1 3/4" maximum left hand 4.2 Fillers: Jute as required

5. Shield 

   5.1 Material: Bare annealed copper serve 5.2 Coverage: 95% nominal 

6. Jacket 

   6.1 Material: Matte finish polyvinyl chloride, color as specified 6.2 Colors: Black, blue, green, purple, red white, and neon blue, green,           orange, pink and yellow 6.3 Wall Thickness: .055" nominal 6.4 Diameter: .230 +/- .005"

7. Markings 

   7.1 Type: Surface printing in white ink(blue on white jacket) 7.2 Legend: VTG AUDIO LOW NOISE – BALANCED MICROPHONE CABLE,     MADE IN USA VTG AUDIO NEON BRITES BALANCED CABLE MADE IN USA

8. Electrical Specifications 

   8.1 Capacitance Between Conductors: 21 pF/ft @ 1 kHz 8.2 Capacitance Conductor to Shield: 37 pF/ft @ 1 kHz 8.3 Characteristic                 Impedance: 70 ohms @ 1 MHz 8.4 Resistance at 20C: 23 ohms/1000 ft.




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