COMBOBANGER Locking SpeakON to 1/4 Reversible (3 in 1) 2 Pole Coupler / Adapter

COMBOBANGER Locking SpeakON to 1/4 Reversible (3 in 1) 2 Pole Coupler / Adapter

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(One)  Genuine COMBOBANGER  SpeakON to 1/4" Reversible (3 in 1) Two Pole Coupler and Adapter.  Utilizing Two ProCraft 1/4 to Speakon Hybrid Connectors.

The All New Combobanger is Completely Reversible and Allows you to Interconnect an Array of Speaker Cables: 
 SpeakON to 1/4 inch.          SpeakON to SpeakON.         1/4 inch to 1/4 inch

It's New and It's Finally Here...Now you can match your Loudspeaker/Amplifier connections with your available speaker cables.  Rugged Aluminum Housing in a Durable Black Finish Designed for Years of Stage Use.  Completely portable and small enough to stay attached to your cables during movement and storage.

The SpeakON Loudspeaker/Amplifier connection system was designed with high power audio systems in mind. These connections were developed for frequently connected/disconnected systems in which operator and equipment safety, versatility and simplicity in addition to fail-safe, long life audio/electrical termination integrity are emphasized.

First speakON / jack hybrid panel mount connector combining the speakON chassis connector with a 1/4" 2 pole jack socket permitting connection using either type of plug.. The speakON Combo mates with all 2- and 4-pole speakON cable connectors and 1/4" jack plugs utilizing 2 contacts.

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