Sescom IL-STEREO-19 Professional Two Channel RCA Stereo Audio Hum Eliminator

Sescom IL-STEREO-19 Professional Two Channel RCA Stereo Audio Hum Eliminator

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Sescom IL-STEREO-19 Professional Two Channel RCA HiFi Style Stereo Audio Hum Eliminator Isolator Transformer Coupler


IL-STEREO-19 Two Channel Stereo Professional Audio Hum Eliminator Isolator with Dual RCA Inputs & Outputs


A stereo - left & right channel - RCA version of the famous Sescom IL-19! The only product that removes all types of hum in live sound & pro-audio gear. This inline stereo RCA IL-19 has 2-Channels (Stereo) for a matching transformer where RCA audio inputs & outputs need hum elimination.


Designed as 3 products in-one, the Sescom® IL-STEREO-19 is the industry standard for instantly troubleshooting audio hum in live sound & broadcast applications providing quick fix line isolation to remove hum. Removes ground loop hum, mode noise & differentially induced hum . Other in-line problem solvers solve only one problem at a time.

Sescom transformers are specifically engineered for excellent frequency response allowing a hotter signal. Sescom transformers also provide superior protection against radiated noise thus reducing pickup of hum and interference from outside sources such as power supplies. The IL-19 keeps unwanted signals out of the circuit, but also reduces induced noise providing high-quality line level isolation to eliminate hum and buzz from interacting gear. Built into a high impact non-conductive ABS enclosure.

Provides Instant Relief For:

  • Live Sound Equipment
  • Radio & Broadcast Audio
  • Line Level Equipment Interface
  • Decoupling Lines to Reduce Hum
  • Isolating Drive Lines to On-Stage Power Amps
  • Long Line Cable Runs




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