Switchcraft 280-HP 1/4" Phone Plug Hot Pink Metal Barrel (Solder Terminals)

Switchcraft 280-HP 1/4" Phone Plug Hot Pink Metal Barrel (Solder Terminals)

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(One) Brand New Genuine Switchcraft 280-HP 1/4 Inch 2-Conductor Phone Plug with Hot Pink Metal Barrel (Solder Terminals)


We Have Taken The Industry Standard 280 Plug and Applied a Durable Hot Pink Finish!

No more stage reflection or presence. Color Code your Cables.

  • Heavy duty machined copper alloy handle, tip and body for unsurpassed ruggedness
  • Durable Hot Pink Finish on exterior metal barrel surface
  • Solder terminals are tin electroplated for ease of soldering
  • One-piece tip rod staked into tip terminal ensures electrical continuity
  • Heavy duty cable clamp provides secure strain relief
  • The proven industry standard phone plug for audio applications. Beware of imitations!
  • Shielded handle - recommended for applications where electromagnetic interference and physical abuse may occur.

Specifications: ● Type: 1/4 inch for Guitar/Intrument/speaker applications ● Finish: Hot Pink ● Connection Type: Solder ● ● Front Connection: 1/4 inch Male ● Rear Connection: Cable Mount SolderApplications: ● Musical Instrument Interfacing ● Professional Sound Installation ● Recording Studio ● Live Sound Reinforcement

Also available in Nickel, Red, White, Blue, Black, Green and Yellow.  Please visit the usbargainsound eBay store for other selections.

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