Switchcraft EHDB9MM 9-Pin D-Sub Connectors - Male to Male

Switchcraft EHDB9MM 9-Pin D-Sub Connectors - Male to Male

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Switchcraft EHDB9MM 9-Pin D-Sub Connector - Male to Male

Switchcraft Broadcast Series 9-Pin D-sub Connectors

The EH Series by Switchcraft is a complete line of audio, video, and data connectors built into standard panel-mount XLR housings. Custom combinations of EH Series connectors can be quickly loaded into any of our Q-G Series panels. Once mounted, connecting your equipment to the back of an EH Series connector is fast and easy. Most connectors are feedthru, which means standard cabling is simply plugged into the back of your gear, then plugged into the back of the EH Series connector. For those EH Series connectors that are not feedthru, solder lugs are clearly marked for simple, secure solder connections. All EH Series connectors are available individually bagged with mounting screws.

Switchcraft's EH Series is the fastest and most versatile way to create a custom panel or wall plate perfectly suited to meet the needs of any studio, broadcast facility, or systems integrator. Customize your studio, make it easy to access your I/O's, and increase the lifespan of expensive pieces of equipment using EH Series connectors from Switchcraft.

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